Meet Miguel

A number of years ago, Miguel while at TEC, the Therapeutic Equestrian Center became interested in learning more about JERICHO. With the support of his caregiver, Dianne Laramee, he began attending weekly masses and was welcomed with open arms. He met Sr. Joan and started calling her Aunt Joan. He adores her. After attending “his church” for several months, Miguel asked to be baptized and make his Holy Communion. This happened last year and Miguel now calls Fr. Donatus his good friend.

Miguel is very proud of his church and enjoys bringing up the gifts and holding the back door open at the end of Mass for all the parishioners. He also attends JERICHO social events as Dianne volunteers to support these events happening.

Although Miguel never got to meet the founder of the Bureau for Exceptional Children and Adults, he is an example of what Fr. Wagner meant by “Where All Are Welcome”. If you're at Mass sit near Miguel, he is proud member of our community and fully participates.