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Regarding HPS

Jericho wishes to address a statement made by the Superintendant of the Holyoke Public Schools regarding a situation with one of its educators. In his statement he referenced that they formerly worked for the ‘Jericho Summer Program’. To clarify, the Holyoke Public Schools contracts with Jericho yearly for the use of its grounds and facilities for the purposes of its summer Special Education Program. Jericho has no responsibility for hiring, supervision or monitoring of HPS employees associated with this program. The subject of this recent investigation is not affiliated with Jericho, its staff, programs or mission.

How to get your child to talk about school

school frustrationUnderstood.com offers helpful conversation starters. For families with children of all abilities.

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thank youA great big THANK YOU to CHICOPEE SAVINGS BANK CHARITABLE FOUNDATION for their support in recognizing our positive impact on those with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families!!!

Weekly Bulletin

September 14-15, 2019
September 14-15, 2019

The Autism Guide

ELI x Flutie Illustration 368x258Introducing the Autism Guide: An Interview with the Flutie Foundation

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Money saving resource

rays2The Complete List of Free Things and Grants for Kids with Special Needs

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Social Security Matters

able accounts2019Spreading the News about ABLE Accounts in the Disability Community.

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JERICHO works with parents, families and professionals throughout Western Massachusetts for full inclusion of children and adults with special needs and disabilities into schools and the community at large. JERICHO is dedicated to creating the right connections and providing critical disability information through religious training, family education, social events and activities, and partnerships with families, individuals and professionals who are working with or caring for adults or children with special needs or disabilities. All are welcome.

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