How to help

Programs and services offered through Jericho are funded entirely through donations, fund raising, and partially by the Diocese of Springfield.

Below are a few ways in which you can help us continue our ministry:


Persons who bequest money to Jericho will have their names inscribed on a bronze plaque and placed on the wall of our Eternal Flame at Jericho, which is dedicated to persons with disabilities. The Eternal Flame burns twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


Jericho has Memorial Cards available for persons who have passed away, for special occasions and anniversaries. These intentions are remembered each day at our prayer service, and are placed at the Shrine of the Holy Family. Intentions are also remembered in our Perpetual Novena to the Holy Family each day.


Jericho always welcomes donations of any type, including the sponsorship of benches, buildings, or  various religious stations throughout the Jericho landscape. We send out appeals four times per year, including the very popular golf tournament held each summer.


Jericho welcomes volunteers to assist with many tasks, from stuffing envelopes to tending gardens. Contact the main office to offer your services which as always, are greatly appreciated.