June 19th 2024

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From Betty and Steven Ross

We are so happy to be a part of Jericho where children like our daughter Ilyse are celebrated throughout the year.  Jericho provides many avenues for fun, food and fitness.  They have great dances with supper provided.  A yearly winter dinner with thoughtful gifts and kind words for our children.  A great float for the St. Patrick's Day parade which the young adults can ride on or walk along.  Even in the summer, when school is on a break, they provide barbecues and swimming for everyone.  There is always a birthday card with a couple of dollars sent to each and every participant making them feel loved and included.  Jericho is there for the parents and caregivers.  They not only see and include us but welcome our participation.  We are very grateful to Jericho for providing these opportunities to our daughter.  Warmly,

Betty and Steven Ross