A story from Rain Bowrys about his experience with Jericho and its services.

My name is Rain Bowrys. I have been living with diagnosed disabilities since age 4. Such as ADHD Combined Type, PDD-NOS (autism spectrum), Sensory Integration and Anxiety disorder. Our family has received services from Jericho in the form of special education advocacy by Linda Lapointe. Throughout the years, she has helped my unique needs to be understood by school administrators in settings such as IEP meetings. She has also helped me to understand what my rights are, what services may be available to me, and modeled how I can self-advocate for what I need. Currently, I have been enrolled in the Outdoor Leadership Program, pursuing a degree in Adventure Education at Greenfield Community College. As my first job in the industry, I am now a state employee working for the Department of Children and Families in Connecticut. I've been hired as a seasonal instructor at DCF Wilderness School, a program for "at risk" youth. I will be using the skills I have gained to guide multi-day wilderness expeditions and create a transformational experience for these children, as it has been for me. We thank the Bureau of Exceptional Children and Families at Jericho, and Linda Lapointe for all of the advocacy and support in getting me to where I am today.