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Weekly Mass at Noon

  • This mass is open to all and accepts all.
  • This is a seated mass in honor of our members who cannot stand or kneel.
  • Baptism - we occasionally host a Baptism that is recorded at one of our local parishes
  • Outdoor Mass - Every year we offer an outdoor mass. This mass is our largest mass of the year except for Christmas Eve. This mass is focused on disability awareness and all of our readers, music, singing, and bringing up the gifts is done by people with disabilities


When requested and with the support of local Parish Priests we can offer these in our Celebration Center.

Religious Education

  • We offer CCD for First Communion and Confirmation preparation for children who cannot otherwise do well in their local parish with the supports they can provide.
  • This program runs Saturday mornings starting in the Fall.
  • We offer the Faith and Light Program to adults with and without disabilities once a month.
  • This group meets after 12noon Mass and has their program and then has a meal together.