Religious Education

Everyone deserves the chance to fully participate in the Catholic Church.  

Fr. Wagner firmly believed this and founded JERICHO, The Bureau for Exceptional Children & Adults, to do just that in 1971.  We continue to provide access to all of our programming, in addition to small group and individual instruction for families interested in sacramental preparation for children, teens and adults with disabilities.  

From training by Sr. Joan, Sr. Martha and many other dedicated volunteers and employees, most parishes in Western Mass are able to fully integrate all into their class structure however there are some instances when children are not ready, or are a bit older when ready to join than other classmates making them feel uncomfortable, and still additional situations where the parish class just doesn’t fit the family or student.  

This is where JERICHO steps in.  Over the past several years the JC Superstars have been through First Penance, First Communion and Confirmation. Our classes meet bi-weekly from October through May and are specifically dedicated to sharing God’s Message of Love and Light in a manner that is appropriately geared toward the strengths of each participant.  

Our informal, yet productive and spiritually uplifting meetings have impacted everyone who participates in Mass at JERICHO and give each youth opportunities to learn, share and demonstrate with all the impact of God’s Love.

Faith and Light is the international communities made up of persons with an intellectual disability, their families and friends, particularly young friends, who meet together on a regular basis in a Christian spirit, to share friendship, pray together, fiesta and celebrate life.  JERICHO hosts a meeting on the first Sunday of each month right after the noontime Mass.  All are welcome to join this active group for the lesson as well as the luncheon that follows.  

To learn more about all of these options, please email or call This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 413-538-7450.