Erin Paul


Erin (Ottomaniello Egan) Paul was born and raised in Holyoke, where she attended both Mater Dolorosa and Holyoke Catholic Schools.  She is married to Roger Paul and they have one son, 19 year old Matthew who was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 ½ years old.  

Erin first became involved with JERICHO when Matthew was very little

so the whole family could comfortably participate in Mass. She was delighted to learn that Matthew was able to partake in all the sacraments and religious education with the JC Superstars, a group of students who together grew in their Faith through preparation for First Communion, Confirmation and everything in between.  Erin is very proud of all that Matthew accomplished as a “Superstar.”  So much so, that as soon as Matthew was confirmed, Erin became the teacher of another class of students.

Over the years Erin became more appreciative of all the services and programs JERICHO provides, giving her the impetus to join the Board of Directors when asked and is excited to be an Ambassador for the Bureau for Exceptional Children & Adults.  In addition to the board, Erin is involved with the Golf Tournament Committee and the Outreach Committee.